My name is Ken Behrens


My name is Ken Behrens.

This website is meant to serve as an ongoing diary and archive of past and current ministry projects. This page contains a general index to the site, and a short biography. Everything here is free for the downloading.  If it blesses you, the website has served its purpose. If anything does not work properly, or you find possible omissions or typos, please let me know at and I will fix it for you and everyone else.

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I started in ministry in 1968, and from 1970-75, I was the music director for the Catholic church serving a state university in Nebraska.  What resulted was one of the largest praise teams (then called “guitar choirs”) ever assembled.  When the five music groups played together several times a year, we had 55 people, combining praise team, organ, brass and other orchestral instruments.  I developed a rhythmic way to sing the psalms with guitar, assisted on what was probably the first computerized hymnal, applied the early church Coptic percussion techniques; we began writing our own music, and we had the “anointing” at Catholic mass years before the term was there to describe it.  From 1975-78, I worked at an inner city charismatic Catholic Parish in Syracuse, NY, where I met my first wife Anna.  I then worked two more suburban parishes until 1981 in Reading, PA and in New Jersey. 

Anna and I were married in 1981, moved to Nebraska, began our ministry taking in homeless people from 1981-82 .  When we returned to Utica, we began living in Christian community from April-August of 1982, and this where the Lord showed us about the restoration of the Feast of Tabernacles, and the “Praise Day” concept (day-long small-group, intimate, home renewal days headed by a team). 

I began my full-time teaching career at Mohawk Valley Community College in fall of 1984. I was able to get transferred to Rome in 1986.  It was in Rome that Anna's ministry was born.  This was the revival ministry, and the music group Shekinah that we shared, as well as many music lessons, and much studio recording on many projects.

Anna and I moved to Dover, DE in 1997, for “partial retirement”. I worked for several colleges part time, researched ancient technology, and gave music lessons.

Anna wanted to try someplace else when she received her inheritance from her father, so at the end of 2001, we moved to West Reading, PA.  It is here we began to work with the “Unchurch” concept, now recognized as part of the home church movement.  I also wrote “Midrash (on Praise and Worship)”based on a series of teachings I gave at Today’s Voice Christian Fellowship (the pastor was one of the children I trained 20 years earlier when I was an organist).  Feeling a call to Hamburg, PA, we asked for and received a partial transfer via Reading Area Community College, where I had been teaching math.  It was during this time that I suffered “bilateral quadriceps rupture”, which means I blew out both my knees.  I did this by tripping over a curb on a 10% downgrade while carrying a 35 lb. backpack of groceries.  (Miracle after miracle – no pain, the Lord paid the bills, and I’m now walking nearly 5 miles a day when the weather is nice.  I have my own knees, not replacements, at age 66.)  I wrote the cantata “Sing Out” for the church I was working at.  I also started writing some fiction for the diversions file, and I am the one who invented the motto for the Hamburg “Hamburger Day Festival”: “Bring your buns to Hamburg (you’ll relish the experience)”.  This is also where I began teaching mathematics online for DeVry University.

Anna wanted to get back to Delaware, so we came to Milford.  She led most of the Milford ministry but we did it together.  Among the accomplishments is the 27 member interdenominational “Children’s Praise Team” for Calvary UMC’s VBS in 2007, the LaRoca Church summer feeding program, and the single year of doing all three feasts. 

When Anna died in 2012, I asked God what to do next, and He gave me several ideas.  From Sept 2012-October 2013, I made almost 5000 contributions to a website called under the pseudonym kenisyes. You can read my posts at the site, or google the name “kenisyes” with almost any topic to see the records of those posts.  JCIC came from this.

 In September of 2013, while posting to Facebook for JCIC and my recent leading of a Feast of Tabernacles, Ruth friended me. God spoke to both of us and we were married that November. Today Ruth and I are both now officially ordained by this internet networking agency for independent ministers, and we minister together almost full time.

By the numbers:  I have ministered music in 8900 services in almost a dozen denominations, led 31 choirs, written 6 cantatas/musical plays, have keyboard credits on 10 tapes/CD’s.  I have taught mathematics in college 306 on-ground and 71 online classes (as of this the end of 2014).  I taught school music for two years, as part of my music ministry.  And of course, the 31 years of helping Anna do what God called her to do is an experience that is impossible to do justice to, as her archived material shows.  I have walked over 65,000 miles and continue to walk over 1000 miles a year.