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This website is meant to serve as an ongoing diary and archive of past and current ministry projects.  Everything here is free for the downloading.  If it blesses you, the website has served its purpose.


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- Here are the materials for JCIC Discipleship classes.

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(We are the coordinators of this unique online fellowship group/online church with irl outreach)

Files for our monthly JCIC livestream (which we did for 20 months)

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Here is the JCIC service for Passover  Since there has been so much interest, here is the 2015 JCIC Passover video



Milford Ministries Monitor  Ruth's newsletter about Milford, DE Church ministries and Christian events. 

These are the videos of Ken teaching at a local church

And some videos I use teaching my classes

These are the videos of Ruth teaching at a local church. Sundays are basic discipleship Bible study and Thursdays are Prayer/Miracle service.

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My first wife Anna's writings.

The songs written by Sheryl Rohm and myself.

Brother Timothy Clark's page



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Practice materials for Praise Team Classes


Significant past ministries (bio):

1970-75, music director Newman Center, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  Developed a rhythmic way to sing the psalms with guitar, assisted on what was probably the first computerized hymnal, applied the early church Coptic percussion techniques. We began writing our own music, and we had the “anointing” at Catholic mass years before the term was there to describe it.

Married Anna 1981.

1983-2012 Anna and I worked on restoration of the Christian Feast of Tabernacles

1987-93 Anna's revival ministry in Rome, NY.  Shekinah music ministry and Shekinah Kids Drama troupe. 

1983-2017 College math instructor/professor at several colleges, including 12 years online at DeVry University.

I have taught mathematics in college 306 on-ground and 97 online classes, with a total of 1495 semester hours as of January 2018.

As an organist, worship leader, etc. (the title has changed a lot over the years), ministered music in over 9700 services/events in almost a dozen denominations, led 34 choirs, written 6 cantatas/musical plays, have keyboard credits on 11 tapes/CD’s.   Taught school music for two years, as part of my music ministry, and many years of private lessons.  Currently music director at

Ruth and I run several Facebook pages on Christian topics.  I am ken.behrens.12 on Facebook.   2012-2013 regular contributor to Christianchat under the pseudonym kenisyes.  You can see my nearly 5000 contributions there, or Google the name kenisyes with any topic you like.

Ruth and I married Nov. 2013, and we are both ordained by National Association of Christian Ministers