This page contains an alphabetical list of all songs available at the website. Ruth and I hope that this will help you find things more quickly. The author is listed after, so you can read the notes for each song on the author's page. Please let me know if there are any broken links, etc.

Anthem of the Parousia PLAY Ken

The Baby in the Manger Demo Ken

Ballad of the Mountain Stream Demo Ken

Be Renewed in the Light with Me PLAY  Ken and Ruth

Break Forth Demo Ken

Boing Boing Boing demo Sheryl and Ken

Bucket List   PLAY  New one by Ken and Ruth.

Burn It Down demo only Ken

Calvary Hill Brother Timothy Clark

Celebrate Life Demo Ken

Come Thank the Lord with Me PLAY Ken

Commission Demo Ken

Easter Dawn Demo Ken

Exile Demo Ken

Find Rest My Soul Play Anna

First love Demo Anna

Follow God demo Sheryl and Ken

Follow Me PLAY

Give Me More of Jesus Play

Glory into Glory Demo Ken

Glory Lord demo Ken and Ruth for new CD

God Gives Hope demo Sheryl and Ken

God of the Universe PLAY Anna and Ken

God's the Key demo Sheryl and Ken

Have You Ever Gone A-Flying PLAY

Holy, Holy Play Anna

Holy One PLAY   Ken and Ruth

I Am Free PLAY Ruth

I Am Loved demo Sheryl and Ken from Pastor Alsome

I'll Trust in You Demo Anna

I'm Free demo Sheryl

I'm Walking Up the King's Highway Brother Timothy Clark

I Raise My Hands Brother Timothy Clark

In Songs of Joy demo Ken and Ruth for new CD

I Sought the Lord Demo Ken

It's All About You demo Sheryl and Ken

Jesus Is Our King Demo Ken

Jesus Set Us Free demo Sheryl and Ken

Jonah Said No demo Sheryl and Ken

Journeys PLAY   Title song from Ken and Ruth's upcoming CD

Joyful Lord demo Sheryl and Ken

The Key demo Sheryl and Ken

Let All the Earth Sing Forth Demo Ken

Liberation Song Demo Ken

Life of My Own PLAY  Ken and Ruth

Lift Him on High demo Sheryl and Ken

Listen People demo Sheryl and Ken

Living Blest demo Sheryl and Ken

Lonely Kid demo Sheryl and Ken from Pastor Alsome

Lord Lord PLAY Elisabeth and Ken

Lose Your Life Play Anna

Mighty God demo Ken and Ruth for new CD

The Moose and the Pelican Play  Ken

My Heart Is Yours demo Sheryl and Ken

My soul proclaims PDF Anna

New Light Shining in the Prison  Play  Ruth

The New Song Demo Ken

One Is Not Alone demo Sheryl and Ken

O Savior Jesus demo Sheryl and Ken

Pastor Alsome demo Sheryl and Ken from Pastor Alsome

The Place PLAY   Ruth and Ken

Praise Adoration Demo  Ken

Praises Ascending Play Ken

Psalm 68 Demo Ken and Ruth for a new CD  

Puzzle Man PLAY Ken and anonymous

Resting in My Father's Arms PLAY

Salvation Prayer demo Sheryl and Ken from Pastor Alsome

Song of the Wanderer Demo Ken

Sower Demo Ken

Step by step in glory Demo Ken and Ruth for a new CD

Sunbeam PLAY Ruth and Ken

The Sword Demo Ken

Table of the Earth Demo Ken and Eliza

That Old Rugged Cross Brother Timothy Clark

Thinking of You demo Sheryl and Ken

Tomorrow Come True Demo Ken

To the Beat of the Lyre Demo Ken

Two by Two Play  Ken

Wacky Quack Testimony PLAYKen and Ruth

Walking in Glory PLAY Ken

Walk in Power Walk in Love PLAY Anna and Ken

War Song sheet music Demo Anna

Waters of Life Demo Ken

We wait in Hope Play Anna

What to Do demo Sheryl and Ken from Pastor Alsome

When the Jubilees Stand Still Demo Ken

Words of Love Demo Ken

Worship Choruses sheet music and Worship medley to be added to Ken and Ruth's new CD

Write on My Heart Demo Anna

You Alone Play Anna

You Are the King Play Anna and Ken

Your Peace Is upon Us Demo Anna

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