Meet My Wife Ruth

Ruth and I met on Facebook on Sept. 23, 2013.  Ruth friended me, and since we were online at the same time, we began chatting.  Soon we were on the telephone, and had lunch at the first opportunity.  We spent two hours in the restaurant, two hours at my place, and two hours at her place.  We prayed together, and the power of God came down, and we knew He was up to something.

We began ministering together that week, became friends the next week, and realized God wanted us married two weeks later.  We were married at New Beginnings worship center Nov. 13, 2013.  If you would like to watch the 5 minute wedding video, click for the 19.1MB low quality or the 188.4MB souvenir high quality copy.

In addition to her orignal ordination in 1983 at Victory Christian Fellowship in Tulsa, 

Ruth and I are both now officially ordained by this internet networking agency for independent ministers.

  Keep watching the website for how our ministry develops.

Here is Ruth's Newsletter: the The Milford Ministries Monitor


These are the videos of Ruth teaching at RCCG Salvation & Praise Assembly Sundays are basic discipleship Bible study and Thursdays are Prayer/Miracle service.


Here are the files from our CD "Journeys":

Praises Ascending Play

I Am Free     PLAY

Journeys PLAY

Wacky Quack Testimony PLAY

Sunbeam Play

Bucket List  PLAY

Have You Ever Gone A-Flying PLAY

New Light Shining in the Prison     Play

Be Renewed in the Light with Me PLAY

Follow Me PLAY

The Place PLAY

Holy One PLAY

Worship Choruses Worship medley

Life of My Own PLAY



Ruth and I are starting work on a second CD.  Here are temporary demos of the songs so far.  We will replace them with the tracks as we record.

Step by step in glory Demo

Psalm 68 Demo

In Songs of Joy demo

Glory Lord demo

Mighty God demo



Ruth is also a photographer, and is open to being hired in that capacity.  See here.

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