Here is a list of my writings and recorded music:

Church music writings:

A Church Guitar Course (presenting organ as the derivative of guitar- which is what it is Scripturally, not vice-versa as usually taught)

Midrash on Praise and Worship sermons given in 2002.'amim.pdf And it's abridged version'amim abridged.pdf The original melodies of David decoded from the key in the Gospel to the Egyptians. Also, samples recorded with the Messianic Project: <audio src = “”></audio> and <audio src = “”></audio>


Theology Writings

Basic Christian life:

Hartimes poem

Basic evangelism book - Life Beyond Forever

The Catechism of the Dynamic Christian Life

The feasts and the emerging Body of Christ:

The Un-church the new vision

Wandering Apostles the neglected part of the early church

The Feasts the other neglected part

The feast of Tabernacles the chief feast of God's cycle

The cycles of ministry the feasts applied to dynamic Christian living

The Spiritual Histories of Cities I researched for the cities I ministered in: Rome, NY; Hamburg, PA, and Milford, DE.



Recorded Music

With Shekinah, my first wife's 27 member, interdenominational group:

(to download, right click the link, and choose save file as. To play, click the link. For pdf file, click the link marked pdf.)

Anthem of the Parousia:


Come thank the Lord with me


God of the Universe


Resting in My Father's Arms (this song came out spontaneously at a prayer meeting, with several people each receiving one stanza).


Walking in Glory


Walk in Power, walk in Love



Here is my currently Unpublished music which will be replaced by recordings, as we get them done.

Lord, Lord (based on a poem by a young woman in Norway, now a member of JCIC)


Puzzle Man – to a poem by “Ed” from Australia who wishes to remain anonymous


Here are the unpublished songs and the demos I am making for the JCIC recording project. As recordings are made, the demo files will be replaced. Ultimately, these songs will be added to the repertoire at when the site is ready.


The Baby in the Manger Demo This is the first Christian Song I ever had performed (at my senior high school Christmas play).

Song of the Wanderer Demo (My walking song.)


Break Forth Demo

Let All the Earth Sing Forth Demo

To the Beat of the Lyre Demo

Waters of Life Demo This from the Folk-Rock opera, “A Very Special Servant” which I hope to reconstruct and record some day in its enitrety

Words of Love Demo


Ballad of the Mountain Stream Demo

Celebrate Life Demo

Commission Demo

Easter Dawn Demo

Exile Demo

I Sought the Lord Demo

Jesus Is Our King Demo

Liberation Song Demo

Sower Demo

Table of the Earth Demo Eliza wrote the music for this one

The Sword Demo

Tomorrow Come True Demo

When the Jubilees Stand Still Demo


Glory into Glory Demo

The New Song Demo

The Moose and the Pelican Play

Two by Two Play  These last two were written for a children's outreach.  the kids had 4 stuffed dolls for puppets, a moose, a pelican, and two monkeys.

The new songs Ruth and I are writing are on her page.

And here is Burn It Down mp3 only.  A funny song with a Christian outcome.


The Christmas cantata Sing out and the puppet play The Best Gift of All were never recorded, but are here as zip files, script and midi files.

Here is the J-Card from the Messianic Project tape. I did not write the songs, but the keyboard parts were unique at the time, and seem to have been copied by many Messianic groups over the last 20 years.

To the Beat of the Lyre Demo

Waters of Life Demo This from the Folk-Rock opera, “A Very Special Servant” which I hope to reconstruct and record some day in its enitrety


Bobby the Bible Bear

Who would have thought that a little play for Vacation Bible School, could have lasted almost 20 years and gotten nearly 2000 kids to say the sinners' prayer and let Jesus into their hearts? Thank you Jesus, and Mark Rudd, forever “the Bear”.

Mark's 20-th anniversary report

The cast picture

souvenir coloring book


Two low quality videos, so you can see the staging, etc. converted to flv from home videos progressivelyIt was over several years. The first from Delta Methodist Church, the second from St. Paul's Catholic, both in Rome, NY.

1 2



Unexplained Phenomena

Crop Circles - A Biblical Perspective

Ancient technology is three books of my research on the ancient technology that caused the flood.  To my knowledge, this is the only explanation of the evidence that has launched the UFO religions of the last few decades that is consistent both with the Bible AND with archeology.  “Ancient tech” is the Christian orientation, the “Archeotechnology Primer” is the technical reference for specialists, and the “Rain Machine” is a popular introduction. 



My retranslation of the Rhind Papyrus (where I solve the riddle of 2/n fraction table in an archeologically compatible way, and begin the techniques of applying Scripture, archeology, and science interchangeably to aid each field in understanding the other)

The series of Math-ter-Mind articles I wrote for the local paper



The short stories I wrote are here

The book of Christian acronyms is AChristics

And I was asked to write an article about homeschooling:

These are the videos of me teaching at RCCG Salvation & Praise Assembly Sundays basic discipleship Bible study


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